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I am Amee:
a twenty-something forever addicted to Ani-Xing!
Town : Sungrove
Mayor: Amee
DC: 4000-3700-2416 (WIP)
FC: 3411-2029-2945
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i don’t know who you are, but gosh darnit that was the cutest thing Ive ever been submitted! tysvm!

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because she loves you both very much.

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 ”I think you need some more…”

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I would like to take a moment and reflect on something very serious:

"What does the inside of Kirby’s stomach actually look like."

it’s bigger on the inside

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AnonymousWhy do people ask for "free art" from artists? I can understand if they MADE something for someone else, free of charge, but basically asking which promptly turns to BEGGING, which then turn to guilt-trip attempts, which then leads to throwing a hissy fits because the artist declined them and talking shit about them. People PLEASE. Artists are HUMANS drawing stuff, not a photocopier. It takes TIME to produce art and they should be paid for their time and talent, unless THEY choose otherwise.
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mewacnlMayorameeiscrossing is literally the sweetest person ever. My acnl blog got deleted and I lost everything. But now my main is my acnl blog. Amee helped me out so much. She made me feel better about what happened. You're so awesome okay! Also everyone should commission her. She's an amazing artist. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

*//////* I only tried to help. But thank you for the kind words, LesMew!

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-Setting up a new, free, and simple service for Animal Crossing Players-

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finally got around to illustrating my life


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i can show you the world.

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This is my 2nd Giveaway!.

So today I did the dumbest thing ever. I deleted my main blog and lost my Acnl blog. I lost all my wonderful followers and post. I was really sad about it. But just like getting new villagers I’m actually happy about my decision. Fresh new start!. 


First Winner:

  1. 2 sets from this list: Sloppy,Campus set,Polka Dot,7-11 set, and Cardboard Set.
  2. 5 carnations out of these: Red, and Pink
  3. 1 Cute Hat: Newspaper hat,  Red Horned Hat, and Headkerchief

2nd Winner:

  1. 1 set from this list: Sloppy,Campus set,Polka Dot, 7-11 set, and Cardboard Set.
  2. 2 carnations out of these: Red, and Pink
  3. 1 Cute Hat: Red Horned Hat, and Headkerchief


  • Must be Following Me
  • Reblogs only count. Go ahead and reblog as much as you want.
  • Giveaway end:1000+notes


Signal boosting for this beautiful friend to get her blog back in order! :D

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